Christopher Prashad – How to be a Better Supervisor

Being a good leader and supervisor is something that Christopher Prashad had to work at. He has found over time however that there are a few fundamental traits that separate a bad supervisor from a good one. Being a good leader is a skill, one that takes time and experience to develop. Knowing a few key traits of a good supervisor however, can help put you on the fast track to success.

Christopher Prashad

One of the most important traits a supervisor has is magnanimity. A good leader treats others the way that he or she would like to be treated. A successful supervisor adheres to that golden rule. If you are respectful, fair, and kind to everyone, they are more likely to accept your requests and respect your input and insights.

Another trait that a good supervisor possesses is an ability to set an example. The best leaders do so by example. If you want your employees to dress or behave a certain way, you must do so yourself. Being a leader comes with the responsibility of demonstrating values and goals. As a leader, you should be the model prototype of what you ask of others. Set the bar high and set a good example that others won’t just respect, but admire.

Christopher Prashad has learned that it takes diligence and hard work to become a good leader. Supervising others is never an easy task, but by carrying yourself with integrity, being empathetic to everyone, and setting a good example, you can be a successful leader.


Christopher Prashad – Salesmanship Trust Building

One of the things that has made Christopher Prashad so successful in his career is his ability to generate sales. This is a skill that he has developed through disciplined practice, hard work, research, and experience. Being a good salesman can be difficult, but with the proper training and experience a salesman’s abilities can become strong enough that an entire company can be built around it.

Christopher Prashad

One of the first things that a salesman needs is to understand is that trust is key. The main goal of a salesman is not to make a sale, but to earn the trust of the potential client. Businesses and brands are built entirely upon trust. That is why it is so important for a salesman to learn how to earn a client’s trust. That means you have to learn how to balance your desire to make a sale with your sincerity, honesty, and integrity.

If a potential client does not trust you, they will not make a buying decision, even if it is in their best interest. That is why it is important to empathize with your prospect. Think about the sales situation from their angle. Would you want to be pressured into making a decision? Of course not. So often the best policy is acting like an educator. Your job as the salesman is simply to teach each client about what your company offers.

Christopher Prashad has built exceptional salesmanship skills because of his hard work, honesty, and integrity. Many other salesmen hope to have the same level of success as Mr. Prashad.