Christopher Prashad – How to be a Better Supervisor

Being a good leader and supervisor is something that Christopher Prashad had to work at. He has found over time however that there are a few fundamental traits that separate a bad supervisor from a good one. Being a good leader is a skill, one that takes time and experience to develop. Knowing a few key traits of a good supervisor however, can help put you on the fast track to success.

Christopher Prashad

One of the most important traits a supervisor has is magnanimity. A good leader treats others the way that he or she would like to be treated. A successful supervisor adheres to that golden rule. If you are respectful, fair, and kind to everyone, they are more likely to accept your requests and respect your input and insights.

Another trait that a good supervisor possesses is an ability to set an example. The best leaders do so by example. If you want your employees to dress or behave a certain way, you must do so yourself. Being a leader comes with the responsibility of demonstrating values and goals. As a leader, you should be the model prototype of what you ask of others. Set the bar high and set a good example that others won’t just respect, but admire.

Christopher Prashad has learned that it takes diligence and hard work to become a good leader. Supervising others is never an easy task, but by carrying yourself with integrity, being empathetic to everyone, and setting a good example, you can be a successful leader.


Christopher Prashad – How To Become Employee of the Month

Christopher Prashad is a hard-working property manager that has won many accolades over the course of his career. One noteworthy award that he received was being named the employee of the month. Becoming the employee of the month is no easy task, and something that many aspire to. Though it can be difficult, there is a developed system that many have used in order to win the elusive award of employee of the month.

Christopher Prashad
Christopher Prashad

The first step towards being a successful, stand out employee is to find out the various policies that relate to your company in regards to the employee of the month. Every company has different needs and values. That is why it is up to you as the employee to know those needs and meet them in an exceptional fashion.

Once you have a clear direction, the next step is to put forth the effort and go above and beyond to ensure you are accommodating the needs of the company in ways your co-workers are not. It is also important to remain polite and courteous, not just to supervisors, but other staff members too. An overly competitive nature can impede workplace productivity, instead of enhance it.

Christopher Prashad become employee of the month by adhering to a strong work ethic and procedure. He has always been a hard worker with many ambitions. Becoming the employee of the month looks strong on a resume and helps build a lasting career in any field, which is why successes like Mr. Prashad pursued the accolade.

Christopher Prashad – Choosing The Right Real Estate Company

Christopher Prashad enjoys working in the real estate field as a property manager and loves what he does. He has the pleasure of working for a company that allows him to grow and work with many different people. If you are looking to sell or buy a home, business or property, make sure you choose a real estate company wisely.

Christopher Prashad
Christopher Prashad

Past Success

You want to work with a real estate agency that is good at what it does, and that has been successful with past clients and transactions. Don’t be afraid to research a real estate agency before you decide to work with them.

Best Services

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, there are certain services you will want or need. Make sure the real estate company you choose to work with offers the services you need. You can also shop around and see who offers the best or most services or the most services for the best value.

Friendly Staff

When you are buying or selling property, you will spend a lot of time communicating with your real estate agents. You want to make sure they are easy to talk to, understand your needs and will work with you to reach the same goals.

Christopher Prashad is a property manager with Dynamic Living LLC in Jamaica, New York. He loves working for this company because they work so hard to make their clients happy. If you are ready to work with a real estate company, make sure you choose the right company.

Christopher Prashad – Finding A Job In Real Estate

Christopher Prashad has always enjoyed connecting people and real estate, and he loves working as a property manager. If you are looking for a way to combine your passion for people and building homes or properties, consider finding a job in the real estate field.

Christopher Prashad
Christopher Prashad

Check Online

Many real estate companies will advertise job openings online. They may post on job websites, classified websites or they may accept applications through their own website. Some real estate companies may even have social network pages where they post their job openings or advertise available positions.

Apply In Person

If you have the education or experience to be a good real estate agent or property manager and would like to work for a specific company, it never hurts to make a visit to the office and apply in person. Many employers have applications available or will be willing to accept a resume. You may even get an interview on the spot.

Talk With Other Agents

If you know a real estate agent and are familiar with their job or company, ask them if there are any positions available at their company and how you can apply or be considered for a position. Another agent may be able to put in a good word for you at the company.

Christopher Prashad has been working in the real estate industry for many years and is passionate about his career. He hopes to continue to help people with all their property needs and to grow in his position.

Christopher Prashad – Tips For Visiting Guyan

Christopher Prashad enjoys traveling and one of his favorite places to visit is Guyana. His ancestors come from Guyana, and he enjoys learning more about his family’s history and the culture there. Guyana is a unique and interesting place. If you are planning a trip, remember these tips.

Christopher Prashad
Christopher Prashad

Research The Area

If you don’t know much about Guyana, you should research the area before you travel. Make sure you know which areas are safe to visit, what attractions you are interested in, where you plan to stay and other information that is important to your trip.

Get A Guide

If you aren’t sure if you can navigate the area on your own and may need help, look for a guide who can help you. Make sure your guide comes from a legitimate agency and is experienced and knowledgeable of the area. You should ask for references from any guides you are considering or look for an agency with good reviews.

Be Organized

Any time you are visiting another country, especially one that you are not familiar with, you need to make sure you are very well organized and that your passport and other documents are all in order and easily accessible in case you would need them in the event of an emergency.

Christopher Prashad tries to visit Guyana once a year. He wants to learn more about his heritage. If you have never visited Guyana, consider visiting in the future and remember the above tips. Make it a point to be safe and enjoy your travels.

Three Tips For Doing Well at a Car Show

Entering a car in a car show is an exciting experience where people can show off their cars, meet other car enthusiasts, and get a chance to see other interesting and fun cars. Before entering in a car show, participants need to prepare their cars so that they are car show ready. Here are three tips that will help future car show participants prepare their car for a car show.

Christopher Prashad
Christopher Prashad
  • It is important that car show participants keep their cars clean before and during the show. The cleaner the car, the better shape it will look to be in, and the judges will score higher. It is also nice to be able to present a clean product that people will admire. The cleaner the car, the better, especially for car shows.
  • Modifications to cars should only be made for a purpose. Car show judges are not impressed by modifications that are useless and flashy. Modifications should only be made if they serve a purpose. The purpose does not necessarily need to improve the performance of a car, but it should not be a modification that only is for show.
  • Car show participants should arrive at the car show in style. They should roll their car into the lot so that they draw attention to their car. Judges will notice this and attendees of car shows will pay more attention to these kinds of cars. Most importantly though, rolling into a car show in style is fun and car shows are all about having fun.

Christopher Prashad has entered his car into car shows in the past and won a few times. He has been interested in cars ever since he was a kid and enjoys going to car shows in his neighborhood.

Three Tips for Young Soccer Players

Young soccer players should remember that at this stage of their life they should enjoy playing soccer and look for ways to improve their skills. Playing soccer at a young age is not about competitiveness and winning, although winning is fun. It’s about learning as much as you can and having fun. Here are three tips for young soccer players to remember and consider while playing soccer.

Christopher Prashad
Christopher Prashad
  • The number one thing that all young soccer players need to remember is that they should have fun. At the end of the day, soccer is just a game and that at the end of the day, you want to make sure playing soccer was fun. Learn to have fun while playing soccer and try and enjoy all aspects of the sport.
  • Get ready before practice or games. Come to games and practice prepared so that you can focus on playing rather than stressing about getting ready. Have your shoes, shin guards, and socks all packed up and your soccer clothes on. Remember to pack water because you are going to be running a lot and hydration is important.
  • Practice playing soccer at home. There are so many ways you can practice soccer on your own and in your free time. Dribble a ball around in the backyard, set up a goal using your shoes and practice shooting, or practice passing by passing the ball back and forth against a wall. You can develop a good touch by passing the ball back and forth against the wall, especially if you practice altering the speed of the ball, and you are switching feet.

Christopher Prashad is an experienced soccer, player. He has been playing his whole life and played competitively all the way through high school.