Christopher Prashad – How to Become a Bookkeeper

Christopher Prashad has developed many skills over the course of his career in business. He even learned the fundamentals of bookkeeping, a valuable skill in business administration that helps to record, organize, and interpret necessary data, including finances. Becoming a bookkeeper however, is no simple task.

Becoming a certified bookkeeper takes several steps. The first step to becoming a certified bookkeeper is to earn your high school diploma, as it is a requirement for the certification. While in high school, an aspiring bookkeeper should but a strong emphasis on courses like computers, accounting, English, and mathematics.

Once you have completed high school, it is recommended to either pursue an Associate’s Degree in bookkeeping, or to obtain the certificate. Certification can be obtained for experienced bookkeepers through local institutes. In America for example, it is the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

While getting certified is simply a matter of taking the right coursework and completing it successfully, the journey does not end there. The next step is to acquire a job and continue your training on-the-job. Every employer has different needs from a bookkeeper, that is why it is important to stay versatile and be willing to adapt. Acquiring the proper experience and clientele base will help you build a reputation and a career as a successful bookkeeper.

Christopher Prashad has learned the basics of bookkeeping because he wants to eventually own several of his own businesses. To do so, it will be necessary for him to understand basic accounting, finance, and business administration skills that can all be learned through basic bookkeeping.



Christopher Prashad – How to be a Better Supervisor

Being a good leader and supervisor is something that Christopher Prashad had to work at. He has found over time however that there are a few fundamental traits that separate a bad supervisor from a good one. Being a good leader is a skill, one that takes time and experience to develop. Knowing a few key traits of a good supervisor however, can help put you on the fast track to success.

Christopher Prashad

One of the most important traits a supervisor has is magnanimity. A good leader treats others the way that he or she would like to be treated. A successful supervisor adheres to that golden rule. If you are respectful, fair, and kind to everyone, they are more likely to accept your requests and respect your input and insights.

Another trait that a good supervisor possesses is an ability to set an example. The best leaders do so by example. If you want your employees to dress or behave a certain way, you must do so yourself. Being a leader comes with the responsibility of demonstrating values and goals. As a leader, you should be the model prototype of what you ask of others. Set the bar high and set a good example that others won’t just respect, but admire.

Christopher Prashad has learned that it takes diligence and hard work to become a good leader. Supervising others is never an easy task, but by carrying yourself with integrity, being empathetic to everyone, and setting a good example, you can be a successful leader.