Three Tips For Doing Well at a Car Show

Entering a car in a car show is an exciting experience where people can show off their cars, meet other car enthusiasts, and get a chance to see other interesting and fun cars. Before entering in a car show, participants need to prepare their cars so that they are car show ready. Here are three tips that will help future car show participants prepare their car for a car show.

Christopher Prashad
Christopher Prashad
  • It is important that car show participants keep their cars clean before and during the show. The cleaner the car, the better shape it will look to be in, and the judges will score higher. It is also nice to be able to present a clean product that people will admire. The cleaner the car, the better, especially for car shows.
  • Modifications to cars should only be made for a purpose. Car show judges are not impressed by modifications that are useless and flashy. Modifications should only be made if they serve a purpose. The purpose does not necessarily need to improve the performance of a car, but it should not be a modification that only is for show.
  • Car show participants should arrive at the car show in style. They should roll their car into the lot so that they draw attention to their car. Judges will notice this and attendees of car shows will pay more attention to these kinds of cars. Most importantly though, rolling into a car show in style is fun and car shows are all about having fun.

Christopher Prashad has entered his car into car shows in the past and won a few times. He has been interested in cars ever since he was a kid and enjoys going to car shows in his neighborhood.