About | Christopher Prashad || Working for Dynamic Living, LLC

About | Christopher Prashad || Working for Dynamic Living, LLC.


Cross-Training – How Different Skills can Make a Difference

In today’s business world, companies are beginning to favor workers with multiple skills across the board, instead of specialized skills. Of course, there will always be a place at a company for someone with the expertise and skill to deal with large networks and data, but that worker is all the more valuable if he or she can also make smart accounting and budgeting decisions on the fly. More workers are finding ways to cross-train themselves and create more opportunities for themselves in the future by spending time learning new skills.

Christopher Prashad
Christopher Prashad

You can’t find a successful CEO of a company anymore who hasn’t broadened his or her horizons and added training to their resume whenever they have the opportunity. Not only can many CEOs manage risk and make educated business decisions, they can also do the menial work as well. They can code, network, and develop basic designs and accounting decisions. Never before has being cross-trained in all of the many aspects of running a successful business been more important to the continued success of a company. Businesses are looking for people who can put on different hats as needed in greater numbers.

Christopher Prashad is one of those people who can wear different hats. He has worked in the Information Technology sector for many years, and he has been the primary property manager for the real estate company Dynamic Living, LLC in Jamaica, New York. Part of his responsibility for the company involves working with contractors and subcontractors on building renovations and improvements for his properties.